Big Corn Island & Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
Fifty miles northeast of the Atlantic Coast  city of Bluefields,
Nicaragua lies one of the Caribbean's forgotten tropical
The Corn Islands.

The two Corn Islands, Big Corn Island and Little Corn
Island are lush with exotic fruit trees, native palms and
surrounded by white sand beaches.  
A haven for pirates and buccaneers in the 17th century,
untold numbers of shipwrecks and treasures still lay
scattered along the turquoise shores of The Corn Islands.

The local Islanders, descendant from the original British
prospectors and freed slaves, make their living from
harvesting lobster and fish from the prolific, offshore
fishing banks.
Many Miskito Indians from the nearby "Miskito Coast" as well as
from the "mainland" have moved to Big Corn Island in recent years,
diversifying the population and languages overheard on the island.
Still, the laid back atmosphere and lifestyle seems to overtake
anyone who visits The Corn Islands.

The tourism and hospitality industry is in its infancy! Here you can
still get a room for less than $10 in a family run hospedaje and buy
an excellent dinner from street vendors for $1.50.  The local beer is
always cold and you buy rum by the bottle at the restaurants.
Adventure travelers seek out The Corn Islands for their fishing
(flats and offshore), scuba diving and snorkeling
For Many, Paradise is found in the Corn Islands!
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